Lani Jones

Lani Jones, PsyD, HSPP

Lani_0092Dr. Jones is a licensed clinical psychologist and First Steps provider in the state of Indiana. She loves helping families navigate the sometimes confusing and complex world of psychological evaluations by providing clear, practical steps before, during, and after the evaluation. She will work with your family to assist in understanding the diagnoses, develop a plan of action, and identify resources in the community, educational, and medical environments that will best fit your child’s needs. Dr. Jones sees clients in offices in Fortville and Lafayette, Indiana.

Areas of Expertise

  • Testing Evaluations
    • Assessment and treatment of neurodevelopmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorder, learning problems, attention difficulties, challenging behaviors, mood disorders, and developmental delays
  • Feeding Evaluations
    • Assessment and treatment of feeding difficulties due to a variety of underlying causes, including medical, sensory, oral-motor, and psychosocial
  • Therapy
    • Provides short-term treatment for children and families presenting with behavior challenges, feeding difficulties, adoption-related concerns, and mood disorders
    • Conducts therapy with women and assists them in navigating unexpected life events and stressors
  • Education
    • Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Children and Adolescents from the University of Indianapolis
    • Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology from Ball State University
    • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Spanish from University of Indianapolis
  • Professional Experience
    • Riley Child Development Center at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health and Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Indiana University School of Medicine
      • Worked as part of an interdisciplinary team with a variety of medical professionals
      • Provided psychological supports to specialized teams such as Feeding, International Adoption, and Down syndrome
      • Conducted evaluations alongside developmental pediatricians in an early intervention clinic for children ages birth to 5 years
      • Conducted Neonatology research developmental assessments
    • Graduate Adjunct Faculty at Ball State University
    • Undergraduate and Graduate Adjunct Faculty at University of Indianapolis
    • Postdoctoral fellowship at the Riley Child Development Center
    • Predoctoral internship at the Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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