Addictions Counseling

Brad works with all drug and alcohol related issues. He will perform an initial assessment to provide feedback to you about the clinical severity of the issues and the appropriate treatment recommendations, which may include referring you to more intensive treatment within his referral network if necessary. Brad frequently works with individuals contemplating pursuing rehab and how to navigate that process in addition to individuals being discharged from rehab facilities to maintain their sobriety.

Brad’s experience with intensive outpatient programs and drug court has permitted him a unique perspective of the broad services available to people pursuing recovery. He will work from a treatment team approach with your prescribing provider to address any dual diagnosis mental health concerns.

Brad also works with the families and friends of addicts, which is a population far too often forgotten. The loss of trust, grief, and helplessness experienced by a loved one of an addict will not go unaddressed in treatment. Addiction is a family illness and is treated as such. 

Are you living with an addiction? Check out this video.

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