My child can’t focus. Is it ADHD?

Do Any of These Statements Describe Your Child?

  • My child struggles to focus in school and at home.
  • My child completes his homework but forgets to turn it in.
  • My  child rarely remembers what time things start or is often running late.
  • My child doesn’t remember deadlines or information even if he writes it down.
  • My child struggles to complete tasks that she starts or completing the tasks takes a long time (and several reminders).

ADHD Testing for Children & Adolescents

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, better known by its acronym ADHD, is a chronic condition that affects millions of people in the U.S. In most cases, ADHD is first diagnosed and treated in childhood, but adults may also struggle with the effects of ADHD, including difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity, lack of concentration, and impulsiveness. Dr. Jones and the Providence Behavioral Group team offer assessment for ADHD in children and adolescents in their Fortville practice and at a Lafayette location. Completing a psychological evaluation may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re a parent of a child who’s already struggling, but an ADHD diagnosis may actually be the first step toward making your life and your child’s life a little easier.

What is ADHD?

If the above characteristics describe your child, ruling out ADHD may be beneficial. ADHD is a condition that can have a profound impact on daily life, making school, work, and time at home more difficult for people of all ages. Inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity are all characteristic of ADHD, but it’s important to remember two things. First, children naturally tend to have more energy and a lower attention span than adults. Second, inattention and hyperactivity may also be warning signs or side effects of other concerns. For these reasons, assessment is essential. With an accurate diagnosis, you’ll be able to appropriately support and assist your child to ensure he can achieve success in all aspects of his life.  

What Happens During Testing for ADHD?

Diagnostic testing for ADHD usually occurs across two to three appointments. We will start with an intake session and diagnostic interview. During this part of the process, we will ask that you be ready to provide a detailed health history, list of current behavior concerns, and any documentation from educators, therapists, or other caregivers. We will also meet with your child to ask him questions and observe his behavior. Next, we will administer a psychological testing battery geared toward areas of function specific to ADHD, including cognitive ability, overall development, and executive function. We may also ask you to complete several caregiver forms to gather more details about your child’s emotional, behavioral, and adaptive functioning. Finally, we will schedule a feedback session to review all of the information we gathered, discuss recommendations for next steps, and any diagnoses if applicable.

Will ADHD Testing & A Diagnosis Help My Child?

ADHD is a chronic condition that can make it extremely difficult for children to complete daily tasks, remember planned events, stick to a schedule, and more. When properly diagnosed, there are numerous treatments that can improve your child’s day to day life. When you’re ready to learn more or get started with an ADHD assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Jones.

*Dr. Jones sees clients in offices in Fortville and Lafayette, Indiana.

Please contact PBG for more information about rates for testing evaluations.

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