Testing Services

                                   Why is my child falling behind academically?                                           My child appears moody and irritable. Is there an underlying cause?
Why does my child have difficulty with social and communication skills?
My child has difficulty sitting still and following directions. Is this normal?
The teacher says my child needs medication. Does that mean he has ADHD?

Testing Services

A psychological evaluation can help answer the above questions and more. An evaluation is typically completed across three visits: intake, testing, and feedback. Dr. Jones will meet with the identified patient and caregivers to complete an initial diagnostic interview to gather history and further information about the presenting concerns. Dr. Jones will determine if psychological testing is needed in order to rule out any possible diagnoses.

At the testing appointment, Dr. Jones will administer any needed psychological tests in order to gain a better understanding of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. At the feedback session, Dr. Jones will discuss all of the testing results, diagnoses, recommendations and next steps, and will provide a copy of the evaluation report.

*Dr. Jones sees clients in offices in Fortville, Indiana.


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